Advances in Natural Sciences, T. 4, S. 4 (2003)

Cỡ chữ:  Nhỏ  Vừa  Lớn

Luminescence properties of poly [2-(4-T-Butyl) phenoxy-1, 4-phenylenevinylene]

Nguyen Phuong Hoai Nam, Nguyen Duc Nghia, Jung-Il Jin

Tóm tắt

The photoluminescence (PL) and electroluminescence (EL) properties of poly [2-(4-T-Butyl) phenoxy-1, 4-phenylenevinylene], BPO-PPV was characterized. By employing 2,5-bis(5-t-butylbenzoxazolyl) thiophene (BBOT) and tris-(8-hydrooxyquinoline) aluminium (Alq3) as electron transporting layers in the EL devices, remarkable improvements in EL efficiency were observed.

Advances in Natural Sciences Vol.4, No.4 (2003) (313-316)